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Better Than Revenge

Just a brief reminder: You can find all posts of the First Story here. It might help to read that one first, otherwise you might be confused, at least, in the first post of THIS story, for which all parts can be found HERE.


“The armor, in the main hall. It’s ALIVE,” Spencer choked out. “And they’re coming this way.”

Katherine let out a quiet moan of horror. Julian shook his head wildly “This wasn’t in my dream! This shouldn’t be happening!”

Merril nearly jumped out of her chair as the first suit of armor reached the door and began pounding on it. Casey leapt from her seat. “We’ve got to find a way out of here,” she said grimly, eyeing the window and the rainstorm outside.


Have you been getting into places you don’t belong, Caterpillar? No matter. Your friends are fighting for their lives as we speak. Perhaps you should go help them…” There was a loud click, signifying the end of their call.

Dwight looked around at the group grimly. “We have to save them. And ourselves.”


The pair emerged in the dark hallway, choking and trying to clear the smoke from their eyes and lungs. “Logan?” Derek asked in disbelief when he could see who was beside him. “But-”

“Bailey tricked me and pushed me through,” Logan said, shaking his head. Derek wrapped his arms around his friend, when a quiet yelp of pain rang out from one of the rooms behind them. “Dammit, Bailey…” Logan murmured, burying his face in Derek’s neck.


12:09 AM in the study of Valedall Manor…

Casey picked up a chair, ready to smash in the window. “Whoa,” David said, grabbing hold of her arm. “Hang on. There’s got to be another way.”

“There’s no way we can fight our way through suits of armor!” Spencer exclaimed.

“What about Logan and Derek? We can’t just leave them,” Julian added a bit hysterically. The bookshelf shook with the force of those trying to chop down the door behind it.

“We have no choice,” Casey said, as painful as it was to admit for her. “Come on.” She pulled away from David and hit the glass with the chair as hard as she could, cracking it. Another hard whack caused the window to shatter properly, with most of the glass landing outside.

“Geez, Casey,” Katherine said, wide-eyed.

The other girl smirked back at her. “Let’s go.”

Spencer was the first to climb out the window, so he could give a helping hand to Merril, and then to the injured Katherine. Julian forced Casey out next, before he and then David snuck out next, just as the bookshelf was shoved aside and the door was finished being hacked to pieces and the first suit of armor tumbled inside.

“Go, go, go!” David shouted, scooping up his girlfriend and sprinting away from the Manor.


Derek and Logan heard the clanging and crept forward into the hall, seeing the living suits of armor fighting their way into the study. “Shit-” Derek hissed. “Do you think they’re still in there?”

“There was a window. I trust that they were smart enough to get outside, even if it is storming. My main concern is if we’re going to be able to get past them…” Logan murmured. “They’re distracted, we might be able to make a run for it.”

“I don’t know,” Derek said doubtfully. “They look pretty fast for heavy metal suits.”

“Well, we can’t just stand here all night,” Logan replied harshly.

The pair was saved the trouble of fighting more by the sudden ringing of Logan’s phone. The helmet on every suit turned in their direction in unison.

“D?” Logan asked quietly, clutching at his wrist.

“Yeah, Lo?”

“I think we ought to… RUN!” he yelled as a spear was thrown in their direction. He yanked Derek out of the way and into another dark room, with their meager supplies of bandages, first aid cream, and the bottle of “antidote”.


Dwight rounded up his little ragtag band of misfits, leading them out of the bedroom and back towards the stairs. “We have to meet up with the others,” he insisted. “Strength in numbers.”

Charlie still held hands with Laura, both of them determined to look out for the other since Justin’s passing. Danny also seemed a little lost without his prefect, though he soldiered through the pain and followed dutifully after Kurt and Blaine. The Tweedles also clutched tightly to the others’ hand while Reed, Shane, and Han took up the rear.

It was dark and hauntingly quiet as they walked through twisting hallways, finally making their way to the top of the stairs, only to discover that they hadn’t made it to the main staircase, but a back one. It was even gloomier than the rest of the mansion, if that was possible, and there seemed to be some fog creeping up from the depths.

“No,” Dwight said, horrified as he backed away from the entrance.

The Tweedles stepped forward, looking down the stairs, twin expressions of apprehension on their faces. “I don’t think this is a good path down,” Evan began.

“That fog is more than a bit eerie,” Ethan added, tugging his brother away.

“This way,” Blaine said determinedly, leading the group away from the dark stairway. But one of them never stood a chance against what happened next.

A shadow, much like the one that had grabbed Evan earlier that night, reached out and gripped Han’s ankle, dragging him towards its depths. The tech geek shrieked with alarm, reaching out as Shane tried to grab his arm, but the shadow was too strong, yanking him to the floor. He banged his head and let out a yelp of pain as he was swallowed whole by the darkness. The group watched in horror, unable to do anything to help him, lest they get dragged away themselves.

A horrible cracking and ripping noise came from the staircase, one last gasp of pain before silence fell.

Reed let out a terrified scream as something large was flung at them from the staircase, flopping to the ground. Han’s pale torso lay bleeding on the floor, his bottom half nowhere to be found.

Laura began to dry heave as the terrified group quickly scurried away from the horrible sight, heading back towards familiar, if somewhat dangerous territory.

Ethan’s phone rang next as they retreated into another small bedroom. “H-hello?” he asked in unison with his brother, voices shaking.

“I hope you all enjoyed the demonstration of what happens when you stick your noses where they do not belong…” their host hissed, before hanging up abruptly. It was the shortest phone call they’d received so far, but one of the most chilling.

“I guess that means we don’t get any warnings about what’s going to happen to us next,” Danny said meekly.


“Where the hell are we supposed to go?” Julian asked as the group sprinted away from the manor, heading towards the side of the house.

“I don’t know!” David exclaimed, his breathing a little heavier than the others as he carried Katherine.

“Well- Whoa,” Spencer said, slowing down, squeezing Merril’s hand as the group stopped.

A huge maze lay out on the hill in front of them, spanning a good portion of the landscape. Because of the slope, they could see many of the twists and turns of the hedges, leading to a cemetery in the center. Casey shook her head. “No fucking way in hell am I going in there,” she declared, just as her phone began to ring.

The group gathered around to listen as she put it on speaker phone.

Another fallen friend, his colors gold and blue. His blood spilled red across my floors, a brilliant scarlet hue,” their torturer sang mockingly. “Your friends inside are still in danger, there’s peril all around. But your little band of misfits may find salvation in this hallowed ground.”

“Gold and blue… another Windsor,” Spencer said gravely, glancing at David.

“Looks like we’re heading in after all,” Katherine whispered despairingly.




Ah, here we are again. A crossroads.

Your choices:

Option 1: Klaine and Datherine

Option 2: Sperril and Dasey

Option 3: Dwilaura and Jogan

…As always, be careful what you wish for

So? What will it be?

1, 2, or 3?

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